Last call! Último día!




Last day for application to the 3 authors/days’ workshop on Landscape, Territory and Identity organized by San Telmo Museo and the Collection!

This is our very first workshop in Donostia, a town inside a territory that has been for decades a place of violent events for the sake of political recognition, a long and dramatic conflict, whatever our opinion may be. A town that is also a beautiful one, a cinematic setting crowded with tourists all year long.

By no means this is the central point of our workshop, aimed at the different possibilities of representation of landscape in photography, but of course we examine the concept of identity, and the background is there and it is impossible to forget.

The 3 authors invited, Awoiska van der Molen, Federico Clavarino and Jon Cazenave, are among the greatest young photographers, 3 strong and poignant voices with an extreme sensibility and an intimate response to the land.

I sincerely believe this is a relevant and important event, as well as i am thrilled that it is hosted in San Telmo. Donostia is also a rather small place, it is not Barcelona or Madrid or Bilbao, and this is new for all of us, so we do not underestimate our difficulties in organizing and event like this one. But we must have an ambition for quality, and i am sure it will be a total success.

You have got untill tonight to send your application. Looking forward to see you all there soon!








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